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28 ideas to arrange a small garden next to the house as a “living corner”

idea to arrange a small garden next to the house as a “living corner”. Gardening next to the house Creating a private green space that will make you feel relaxed. There is a corner in the house to get fresh air, which makes the area beside the beautiful house and a natural garden to fill the limited space, helping to upgrade the garden beside the house with narrow space. to look more interesting and charming There are many styles to choose from.

arrange a rock garden next to the house Ready for a relaxing corner

Placing the slatted floor next to the house Ready to make a translucent roof

Gardening next to the house create green space

Design a garden next to the house to increase green space. make the house livable

home gardening with a semi-outdoor relaxation corner

Arrange a simple garden, modern style, beautiful and private.

Easy to create shady connected areas It almost doesn’t require much investment.

home garden design to make the usable area look more spacious

The overall garden area looks naturally connected.

garden landscaping ideas around the house Long, narrow shape fills the entire garden area.

dimensions of the rock garden Perfectly beautiful in a long, narrow space like the side of the house.

Raise the floor for the recreation area. with slatted flooring

can make space that is limited Looks dimensional and adds a relaxing corner

Arrange a garden beside the house to add beauty and privacy to the house.


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