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34 ideas to “open a coffee shop” as a small business at home.

Anyone looking for a small, simple but cool cafe idea to earn extra income for the family can do it easily. It can be opened in a small space in front of the house or in the garden. That’s why we’ve put together some ideas for a small cafe in the garden that should help spark your inspiration.

Beautiful coffee shop design in a warm, casual style
This style is currently very popular. The design is too picky, colorful will feel blinded and have bad feelings. On the contrary, a simple but warm layout will help your feel at ease.

You can use natural materials such as wood, flowers and grass to design and decorate the space. Along with that, the clever combination of geometric lines and textures will also create natural but equally luxurious effects.

Your coffee shop will become an ideal stop for those who want to relax after work, want to find a quiet place to focus on work, want to have a romantic date, etc.


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