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35 Island Bed Ideas

One last point to consider while making an island bed is the need of finishing it off properly by edging it. The edging, whether it is a landscape edging or a thin, crusty moat, will keep the sod from creeping into the bed and give it a professional finish. You may use any of these methods. Stones or plants may be used to highlight the boundary of your space.

This is an excellent illustration of a traditional bed found on the island. Every bed is proportional to the amount of space that is available. It should be noted that the plants in each bed are well balanced and pleasant to look at from all different perspectives. The plants in the front bed are arranged such that they provide the finest view from the entry to the driveway, which is next to the front bed. Every bed has a unique assortment of plants in it, and the beds are all neatly surrounded by moats of varying complexity. A promenade in the manner of the English countryside is built using the various beds.



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