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36 Stilt House Design Ideas, Well Ventilated and Flood Resilient

A house on stilts will always be higher than the other houses around it, and in some places it can even rise above the trees. This will give you a wide, faraway look at the area around you. A house on stilts can raise a family off the ground and give them a nice view of the beautiful surroundings.

Stilt houses are a great way to build a house on land that is not safe. Since the house is built off the ground, on stilts, it is the stilts themselves that give the house support, not the ground below.

This makes it possible to build houses in places that would be unsafe otherwise. You can find stilt houses on rocks, steep, rising mountain sides, in the sand, and even over water.

Because stilt houses are built off the ground, cool air can flow under them. This can help the house stay cooler overall. This can be very helpful for your health and energy costs, especially in the summer.

Stilt houses have been famous in warm and seaside areas for thousands of years, and in that time, the technology for making beautiful and interesting stilt houses has grown a lot.



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