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38 ideas for “living nooks” in an open-air style outside the house

wooden seating design Increase the outdoor atmosphere to look shady, suitable for relaxation. Suitable for both coming out to sip tea in the morning comfortably or to organize a party outside. Arrange a corner to relax and chill around the house. Today, I share it with all my page members to apply the ideas to suit everyone’s family…

Adding a pavilion to sit outside the house

Outdoor seating area

suitable for leisure activities

A wooden pavilion that allows us to sit and relax in the evening

A living pavilion that is meant to catch the cool breeze

blends into the surrounding environment

Emphasis is mainly on the use of lath materials.

A beautiful wooden pavilion that fits in with the garden.

Setting up a sitting corner in the garden Add a relaxing corner to the house

Beautiful vintage style pavilion

Using old wood to make a contemporary pavilion facade

Can be decorated to be a living corner, relaxing comfortably on a busy day

Design a corner to relax outside the house. In a relaxed atmosphere

Ideas for decorating the living room outside

It’s a corner to sit, read books, and sip coffee for everyone in the family.


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