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38 ideas for “outdoor kitchens” No worries about the smell of smoke entering the house

The kitchen is one of the most important living spaces available in every home. And most homes have a kitchen inside the house. The more houses that do not have a kitchen door that is completely closed. When cooking each time, it may cause smell and smoke to spread into the house. to disturb the residents of the house or to follow the curtains or furniture Today, admin has an idea to add an outdoor kitchen. Which house has an empty space next to the house or behind the house? You can keep these ideas to add to your home.

Outdoor kitchen with garden

The outdoor kitchen is a social corner with good ventilation.

Outdoor kitchen design, easy to use

Outside kitchen, open space really works

Extensive outdoor kitchen extension

Modern loft style kitchen Bare concrete walls and wooden decoration

The outdoor kitchen is well ventilated. No smell inside the house

Idea to create an “outside kitchen” that is separate from the house

outdoor kitchen extension Simplicity, using mixed materials for loft work

Thai-style airy kitchen with slats

Semi-outdoor kitchen without walls, open plan


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