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45 Tiny Houses That’ll Have You Trying to Move in ASAP

Is there anything more quaint than a tiny house? With the increasing popularity of these homes, we have rounded up also our favorite tiny house plans and small houses (they’re practically tiny!) to let you ooo and ah over them and maybe even dream up your own tiny home to build or buy. With it the tiny home lifestyle comes with a small price, reduced environmental footprint, and simplified way of living, not to mention the many options for architecture and interior design they bring.

ms gypsy soul tiny house

No matter your style and taste, you’re sure to find one in this list that fits your decor preferences for a vacation home, to downsize, as a “granny pod” in your backyard, or even to just find some design inspiration for a small studio apartment or a cozy reading nook in your home of any size.

tiny homes - tiny houses

So without further ado, start clicking to be inspired by all of these tiny homes. Watch out: You might be making moves for a lifestyle change after you finish perusing all of their unique style!

tiny houses

tiny house windows treehouse

tiny homes quaint little cabin

backyard tiny house

tiny house treehouse

tiny house california bungalow


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