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51 ideas for adding a kitchen in the back of the house separated from the house

Cooking always comes with the smell and smoke of that food. The more houses that have a kitchen inside the house as well. must definitely encounter the problem of smell and smoke from cooking in the house Today we have an idea. Renovating the kitchen behind the house to separate the kitchen from inside the house It can prevent smell and smoke from entering the house as well. Which house has an empty space behind the house, even if it’s a narrow space? can be extended to be a kitchen in the back of the house as well because we have selected a variety of kitchens Let fellow members take it as an idea of ​​their own home.

Ideas for adding an outdoor kitchen open space convenient to use

Thai kitchen design airy, ventilated

add Thai kitchen Beautiful and easy to use

Adding a Thai kitchen behind the house all functions

The backyard kitchen is beautiful and simple.

semi outdoor kitchen with skylight roof

The addition of a kitchen in white tones looks clean and white.

Renovate the back of the house with a beautiful garden

Simple modern style Thai kitchen Comfortable to use.

Make a modern cement kitchen ready to make windows around for ventilation

Ideas for adding a kitchen behind the house along both narrow and long areas

make a loft style kitchen Ready to make slatted kitchen


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