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26 Best Wood Shed And Cabin Ideas For Garden

Both the garden shed and the lodge are examples of detached outside buildings.

There are, however, important distinctions between the two:

Although some cabins are big enough to serve as permanent homes, most garden sheds are much smaller. Garden sheds often serve as a place to keep gardening tools and materials, whereas cabins are frequently more spacious and serve a number of other functions.

Garden sheds’ structure is often simpler and their materials lighter, such as wood, plastic, or metal. However, cabins are often constructed using more robust materials and may need a more involved building procedure.
Cabins may serve as a home office, guesthouse, or even a holiday rental, while garden sheds are usually used for storage.

Unlike garden sheds, which are often seen in the backyards of homes, cabins are generally found in more secluded areas, such the woods or by a lake.

Despite some obvious parallels between the two types of buildings, the similarities end there.



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