Elevated Tropical House With Generous Openings and Abundant Natural Ventilation

Two homes make up the Vila Oxala complex, which is located in Southern Bahia, Brazil, on the Peninsula of Mara. The total land area of the property is 1,475 square meters. It is situated in a tranquil region, is surrounded by natural scenery, and is not too distant from the community of Barra Grande.

The main house, which is known as Vila Oxalá I, was constructed by the current owners, a couple from Sao Paulo, when they decided to start a family and hunt for a place to settle down and raise their children.

The idea behind the project is to create a home that combines indoor and outdoor living areas and has expansive windows and doors, expansive garden vistas, and an abundance of natural ventilation.

A home that is functional, with rooms that are not too large but nonetheless comfortable, and expansive windows through which one may take in the serene setting and the favorable environment.

The volumetry of the proposal is relatively straightforward; it consists of two blocks with gabled roofs that are joined to one another by wooden decks and a pergola.

The circulation occurs totally outdoors, which allows both created volumes to function independently and isolates the sleeping room from the noise of the social area, which is important considering that the owners often have guests over.

The selection of the materials was based on what was easily available in the geographic area. Traditional building techniques, such as constructing with concrete, clay blocks, and wood, were used to build the home in order to keep the project simple and make use of as much of the regional expertise and technology as was feasible.

In terms of the bioclimatic requirements, the primary orientation was determined to be east-west. This ensures that all of the primary rooms get sunlight in the morning and that they are shielded from the heat of the afternoon by the wet area.

All enclosed areas have plenty of natural cross-ventilation thanks to the major apertures, which face the prevailing winds, and the secondary openings, which are located in the upper parts of each room.+









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