Half-cement, Half-timbered Two-storey House With Rural Vibe, Revealing Imperfect Beauty

It’s half-timbered and half-cemented, like other rural homes from the time period. It has simple proportions.

The Ze No Baa Home Stay & Gallery in Uthai Thai province was designed by an architect from the firm Destroy Dirty Things.

As he puts it, “I put a lot of importance o’ aesthetics,” he defines Destroy Dirty Things. Making people happy is the ultimate aim of architecture.

Aesthetics nurture our spiritual identities while nutrition sustains our bodily bodies. If we can only get rid of all the ugliness, I think your heart will blossom.

Wood has a certain allure since it has a life of its own, I suppose. The first step in any building project is usually the selection of high-quality wood for the frame.












Credıt: Pınterest

Source:Homes ideas



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