Modern Raised House in Loft Style With Exposed Concrete Wall

To the benefit of anybody who is interested in restoring an older home Give them the answer they’re looking for if they appreciate a home that’s simple, raw, cool, and original. House with a ground floor and a loft in the contemporary style a straightforward design and construction using cutting-edge materials. Create a contemporary appearance in the home that flawlessly satisfies the requirements.

There are three bedrooms and two bathrooms, a budget of 1.8 million dollars, and a rooftop roof on this home. The house is created in the form of a contemporary loft, and it has a half-story layout. with a layer of metal covering it Bricks displayed on bare cement walls contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the space. Both the upper and lower levels have their own balcony sitting areas.



















Credıt: Pınterest

Source:Homes ideas

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