Remarkable Black Home

The design team came up with a smart solution to join these areas and better connect the house to its front and back yards by using a column in lieu of conventional walls to anchor the kitchen island and tie the three areas together with a structural component.

The solution allows for more natural light throughout the day and more visual transparency across the home, from front to back and yard to yard, by replacing opaque walls with casework and a screen.

Neither the front porch nor the back deck were properly integrated into the house, so visitors from the street or the backyard would not feel at home. A narrow and steep stair was rebuilt at the top with a larger and more comfortable one, creating a welcoming space where people might rest and take in the neighborhood’s goings-on.

In addition, the homeowners want to have their house set up as two distinct but adjacent rooms, with the upper level functioning independently from a lower level that could be used in a variety of ways (such as an office, guest quarters, or accessory dwelling unit).









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